In 1995 when I was developing web sites, prospective clients said to me:
“We have a fax machine — we don’t need email,” and “The World Wide Web is a fad — the hula-hoop of the 90s!”

Only a year later those same people called me back saying:
“Can you come and explain that Internet thing to us again?”

That is when I became an Internetologist.

That means that I help my clients understand how to get the most out of the Web. I consider myself a true partner in the projects that I direct. I get results. If your goal is to sell automotive accessories to a world-wide market, to publish a daily newspaper, to capture eyeballs with an online ad campaign, or just to have a web site that actually works for you, I have the experience, vision and know-how to make it happen.

Email me for my rate card or for more information.

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