Deerfield River Guided Fly Fishing Tours

Fly Fish the Deerfield Outfitters is a small company specializing in big fish. Owner Chris Jackson provided guided fly fishing tours on the Deerfield River in Western MA. He is not only a knowledgeable fisherman, but a consummate professional who takes care with each client, wether a novice or an expert, to get them to where the fish are and show them a good time.


A deconstruction reconstruction

One of my recent projects involved work for the ReStore, a place in Springfield where people can buy recycled home improvements like toilets, lighting, flooring and loads more...

The job was to re-vamp their page that speaks to their "deconstruction" services whereby they will come to your house and take it apart in a thoughtful way so that they can resell all the bits. There is a cool time lapse video that you can watch that shows the process.

I applied my magic first by turning them on to the FlowPlayer so that they could deliver their videos independent of YouTube. Then I built this cool playlist for them so that you can scroll through all the clips with some nice jQuery work. Things got a bit more complex when I added an "accordian" interface for their FAQs.

I had to use Adobe's Spry library to get an accordian to work on the same page as my scrolly playlist, but I think the result is a clean page that packs a lot of info into the fixed-width design that they already had.

I processed all the videos used, encoding them into the FLV format from MOV and I prepared some slideshows using iPhoto and iMovie. My biggest coup was compressing the feature video which was almost 1GB in its raw format, down to a 14MB FLV file. That is still a big file when using progressive download, but it still works well.

Soon enough I will get to work with a FMS to stream video into the player... I can't wait.

Why You and I

These three letters, Y, U and I... taught me some great lessons. Fonts, Grids and Reset as envisioned by some of the Internet's highest minds. The YUI guys at Yahoo!


Video On the Web

I am seeing that video is an important chunk of what the "new" web is about. I guess it's called Web 2.0 now. Generally, that means more interactivity, more use centric. But I think it also means more bandwidth.

I have decided that among all the potential areas of web development to invest some of my R&D time, learning how to deliver video online is going to be a key part of my offerings.

I have been working with a really nice video player called FlowPlayer. It is cross browser compatible because it is Flash based. I am learning more and more about converting movies into .FLV (Flash Video) format for use with the player.

I find it to be greatly configurable, and with some nice jQuery stuff, I can put together some cool UI for my clients.

I am looking to unveil my first professional rollout this week!

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