Hyundai Dealer Design Relaunch

One of my favorite customers is Gary Rome. He is an innovative and original business owner who gives his personal flavor to the way he does things. I dare say he was the first car dealer to use his dog in his marketing, and he has kept that theme going for about 10 years now. "The best doggone place to by a car"


Buy Coffee and Tea Online

I am pleased to announce the launch of a new website for Esselon Coffee Roasting Co., Inc. We redesigned the site, and took their online coffee sales business to the next level.

The new site is built on the Shopsite platform served at Lexiconn in CT. Shopsite gives the website owner the power to manage all parts of the site via a full-blown ecommerce shopping cart and content management system. The site manager can add, edit and update products, spotlight sales on the home page, and control the navigation of the site. Shopsite has a built-in rich text editor that allows non-coders to do the basic web page edits as well as upload photos (with mulitiple resizing) and manipulate page content as needed, then publish static Google-friendly pages to the site.

This project was also exciting for me because it is the first collaboration with Jennifer Williams of Verilliance, who handled the SEO research and content consulting. With Jennifer's talent on tweeking the copy towards online sales and search engine marketing, the expanded offerings of product, and with the power of Shopsite to manage the site, I am certain this marks a new era in the business of Esselon.

If you didn't know, Esselon is also an amazing cafe in Hadley, MA that offers breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner with beer and wine and a kicking menu of savory goods!

Below is the before and after shot of the home page... but don't stop there... check out the full site and buy some coffee or tea!



Cosmetology School in Massachusetts

As you know I have been working with the New England Centers for Cosmetology and Esthetics to increase their rate of inquiry from their website. They are a Cosmetology School in MA.

That means they teach folks how to become hair stylists, and make-up artists, massage therapists, skin care specialists, and nail technicians to name just a few of the areas they cover.

I posted a few weeks ago with a slant towards the part of their program other than Cosmetology, and along with a couple of edits to thier meta tags and some posts on comment forums on high ranking sites, they now come up on the first page of Google results as desired.

Now I am adding this blog post to give additional uplift to their Cosmetology School.

So, with this strategy in mind, I am building a small link net that should help to raise their result listing using the phrases cosmetology school in Massachusets, cosmetology school in Conecticut, cosmetology school in Rhode Island, cosmetology school in New York, cosmetology school in Maine, cosmetology school in Vermot, and cosmetology school in New Hampshire.

Inaugural celebrations esthetic

So you're excited about the Obama inaugural? Me too! I wish I was one of the lucky people who get to be there... at the parties. If I was going, I would be wondering about the overall esthetics of the scene. Is it a total A list scene? Would I need a skin analysis and maybe a facial? I might need to find someone from a Massachusetts esthetics school.

I imagine that many of the inaugural party-goers would be well served with some makeup artistry professionals on hand.

I wonder if Barack Obama is having a facial right now... maybe just an exfoliation. Michelle sure is going to look good. I bet she's going to be buffed and polished as always. Do you think she does any wax treatments?

I know an esthetics school in MA where she could use the student clinic to get some cut rate attention. You know... the economy and all!

Well, I hope you are ready to party for this inauguration! I am!

Esthetics School MA

The New England Centers for Cosmetology and Esthetics in Northampton is positioning itself as a serious esthetics school in MA.

I am working to help that come about.

Had you ever heard about the "Google bomb" that was orchestrated against G.W. Bush where a Google search for the word "failure" would bring up the top result as the Bush bio on

Through a grassroots effort and some internet networking, lots of people put links on their websites using the word as the link text that linked users and bots to Georgie's page.

Since then, Google figured out how to block such mischievous use of their engine to promote political ends... but the concept is still one of the best ways to get a search engine to associate a particular phrase with your website.

So, with this strategy in mind, I am building a small link net that should help to raise their result listing using the phrases esthetics school in Massachusets, esthetics school in Conecticut, esthetics school in Rhode Island, esthetics school in New York, esthetics school in Maine, esthetics school in Vermot, and esthetics school in New Hampshire.

We are putting this into play because although the name of the school, which had been Chameleons School, plays to their regional market, it leaves out the granularity of each state name.

Knowing how to ask

Okay... I know everyone uses Google to search the web. But how many times have you searched... but not found?

This week, I had to work through some issues with jQuery and Prototype.js. They were colliding on a page I was working on. I had to turn to the web for my answers.

Of course I went to Google, and I spent quite a bit of time looking for the answer.... or I was looking for someone who had the same problem.

Well, it took me a while, but I finally got my solution... and I learned something along the way:

The answer is always out there. You just have to know how to ask the question.

Video On the Web

I am seeing that video is an important chunk of what the "new" web is about. I guess it's called Web 2.0 now. Generally, that means more interactivity, more use centric. But I think it also means more bandwidth.

I have decided that among all the potential areas of web development to invest some of my R&D time, learning how to deliver video online is going to be a key part of my offerings.

I have been working with a really nice video player called FlowPlayer. It is cross browser compatible because it is Flash based. I am learning more and more about converting movies into .FLV (Flash Video) format for use with the player.

I find it to be greatly configurable, and with some nice jQuery stuff, I can put together some cool UI for my clients.

I am looking to unveil my first professional rollout this week!

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