Music for Families

"HooteNanny is about music, family and community, and the ways in which learning to sing, play and dance can enhance all three" That is an apt description of what these two sisters provide in their Hootenanny program.

Building this website was a lot of fun in several ways. First, it is always fun to work with artists and musicians... I just love the creative types mostly because I like to think that I am one too. Second, the look and feel of the website had to be fun... and artsy. On both accounts, it was a pleasure to work with Nerissa and Katryna Nields. Katryna drew some owls and instruments and even the logo type is her hand. I scanned them to digital, and then got to play with coloring in the lines and working with sizing and clean up. We bounced ideas back and forth and finally reached a nice place where the graphics look natural on the page and within the layout that provided some dimension to the visuals.

The third pleasure of this build-out was the extensive customization of the Wordpress platform, and the super-cool theme iLOst by Xu.hel. There were tons of great HTML5 and CSS features that make this site very forward thinking as far as technology goes.

If you have ever wanted to make music part of your life... and part of your family life, you really need to check out this website, and join in. There's so much out there waiting for you!

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