A Warm Cozy Feeling

I get a warm cozy feeling when I launch a new website project. In this case the feeling is particularly so because the client, Cozy Home Performance LLC of Easthampton, MA (mycozyhome.com), makes a business out of making people feel comfortable in their homes.

Since 2006 Cozy Home Performance has been providing energy efficiency services for residential, commercial, and institutional buildings in Western Massachusetts . Their integrated approach is designed to address both occupant comfort issues and building flaws. If a building suffers from destructive ice damming, cold rooms, musty air, high air leakage, or other clear building performance issues- they can provide a guarantee that the problems will be fixed to benefit your quality of life.

Well, they do a lot of retro-fitting and remodeling in their line of work, and so do I. So they hired me to update their website which had been developed in Wordpress with a custom theme, but it was several WP versions back, so the architecture of the site was set up in a way that made it very hard for the average WP user to make basic changes like navigation, header and footer. Page elements were tied to blog categories, and there lots of custom templates that had to be hand coded to make changes. Too much for the staff there to grasp. They really know their way around an attic and insulation, but they were clueless when it came to PHP and HTML.

Here's a screenshot of the old home page:

At first, my job was to sure up the existing site, and make important changes that needed to go into effect right away... there was time sensitive information that had expired, and there were staff changes that needed to be reflected. The process was good because I got to comb through the site, figuring out how the content was organized and what kind of logic was applied in the presentation of the content.

I then proposed the redesign based on a new Wordpress theme, Responsive, which is so named because it adjusts fluidly to viewing on various devices from desktops to tablets and phones. I developed a child theme for them, and streamlined the content presentation with a mind towards the "call to action" which was the main business objective of the website... to get people to sign up for energy audits.

Here's a screenshot of the new home page:

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