Hyundai Dealer Design Relaunch

One of my favorite customers is Gary Rome. He is an innovative and original business owner who gives his personal flavor to the way he does things. I dare say he was the first car dealer to use his dog in his marketing, and he has kept that theme going for about 10 years now. "The best doggone place to by a car"

Well, one thing that can happen when you have such a creative mind behind the marketing and image of a business is that so many good ideas come up, that it is hard to captialize on all of them, and sometimes it is hard to see the focused message amidst all the fanfare.

This often means that Gary's website, becomes a place where all the ideas and marketing campaigns converge... TV, radio, web, print... it is all content, and Gary rightly wants that content online. The next image shows you what the home page can look like after a few years of use.

But then for every action there is a reaction, and at the end of 2009 Hyundai Corporate decided that their dealerships should have a cohesive, uniformity to their websites. Thus focusing the message of Hyundai that comes from the top and translates down to the local markets. In fact they suggested all dealers use one developer, and submit to the fee structure of that vendor.

Well, here's the other reason why I like Gary. He's a heretic. And he knows value. He knew after years of working with me that I could produce a website close enough to the specifications that HMA wanted at a fraction of the price, and I would insure that his personality would not be white-washed from his web presence as it would have had he buckled and went with the single vendor that HMA had chosen.

I am happy to present the new design interface today:

As with all the sites I am building now, it is all scripted with ColdFusion, and managed with my custom content management system.

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