Zito, NYC Portrait Artist

I am thrilled to blog about one of my most recent projects for New York City portrait artist, Zito.

Zito's portraits are amazing! He captures the feeling of the time, place, and the subject in his own colors and brush strokes. He's gotten a lot of great press recently, and I am certain that his efforts to be a biggie on the Manhattan (L.E.S.) art scene will be rewarded.

He's got great paintings of regular people, but also of such stars as Jimi Hendrix, Abe Lincoln, David Bowie, Oscar Wilde, Sitting Bull, and Scarlett Johansson.

Here's a sample for you:

Someone named Marina Zelle.

I am very happy about how this site is coming along, and I am sure Zito is going to be a marquee client for me. I customized my CMS for him, so he can admin the whole site by himself. I also integrated Ray Camden's BlogCFC, and I am in the process of integrating CafePress.com so that Zito can sell is images on various merchandise.

Check him out... you'll enjoy the artwork!

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Portrait Artist Kate's Gravatar Amazing use of colour.
# Posted By Portrait Artist Kate | 3/14/10 10:50 AM
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