Love, Aviary

That is how they signed the "welcome" message when I got the email confirmation for my account. What is Aviary you ask? It is a cool new suite of web enabled applications that provide graphics tools similar to Photoshop and Illustrator created by one of the founders of Worth 1000.

These apps are totally cool. Phoenix, the image editor is like PS. Layers, Filters, History... all the goodies that you would need if you had to live without Photoshop. There is a vector tool, a colors tool, and what they call a visual laboratory. And they have more in store...

There are online screencasts, and demos... they offer tutorials and wikis on how to use the apps. It is a really great idea because, though I have always used the Adobe tools, having them has been a bit of a stretch on the wallet.

I really like the fact that this guy Avi, from Worth 1000 realized that his awesome site was a little exclusive... you had to have the pro apps to really get fun work done. So he leveled the field and in true Internet spirit has brought democratic access to creativity to the masses.

See you in the Aviary!

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