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I am proud to announce the launch of my latest site:, the website for a Brooklyn artist named Mark Parsons. Mark's work in sculpture, printmaking, and collaborative projections sets him apart from many of his peers. His innovation and vision have brought his work to a another dimension. Mark teaches at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, and we launched his site just in time for the Armory Show, a big expo of new and contemporary art taking place in NYC from March 5 to March 8th.

I am very excited about the project, because it futhers my experience with building effective back-end systems for my clients. I used much of the ColdFusion/MySQL knowledge that I specialize in, but I also was thrilled to incorporate the FCKeditor into the admin tools for the first time. This gives Mark the opportunity to not only manage text and images, but to control styling, upload files, embed Flash and so many other great WYSIWYG stuff that requires him to know nothing except how to use a browser.

The site includes a galleries management tool, the ability to add pages at will, and the ability to edit the main navigational pages as needed with total control over text and images all delivered through a variable template based on the YUI standards of fonts, grids, and reset.

Instantly Mark took to the tools and began generating content and taking ownership of his site. It was amazing to see a friend light up when he realized that he was released from the prison of his old website that was managed by someone else and he was not empowered to interact with it at will.

I have great confidence that this site will open doors for me as Mark is a networking kind of guy, and he'll tell people how happy he is.

The design of the site is very minimalist... in fact I did not use ANY Photoshop in building this site. It gave me a nice feeling for what can be done with simple CSS and HTML layout that provided Mark with the simplicity that he required. I did not even size the images in PS... I was thrilled to start using ColdFusion 8's native CFIMAGE tag to upload, resize and create thumbnails all on the server... again giving my client the power to know nothing about what dpi his images were or if they were web safe. CF did it all for me!

Coming up next, I have another NYC artist in the pipeline, and we'll build off of some of what I made for, but I think we'll do more design, and there are a lot more features to implement. I am truly excited!

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