Why You and I

These three letters, Y, U and I... taught me some great lessons. Fonts, Grids and Reset as envisioned by some of the Internet's highest minds. The YUI guys at Yahoo!

Though my family thought that I was crazy watching a M4V lecture from the Yahoo campus, I discovered that webcasts are a University waiting just a Gooooogle away.

Having some centralized standard that (almost) levels the playing field for all browsers and degrades elegantly for the fringe cases is an awesome idea. I can only imagine the hours they put into this research.

And of course, all the rough spots - the hacks for the CSS - were to accomodate IE! That made me sniff. But I digress...

The framework set out in YUI helps me to plan for the web. To already know that the IAB standards are going fit. To know that browser testing will be minimal. The web design will look the same in Firefox on Windows as Safari on Mac and Toadstool on BlueNix.

GRIDS: "The most sexy," as the geek in the black sweater put it, standardizes the widths and most common layouts. It gives you guidelines for blocks and regions, and gives you full control over what content comes first in your code for SEO. It's the framework in which the design can thrive.

CSS: The most important thing here is that you know about ems. Ems. Very cool, but a bit too mathmatical... picture dividing everything by 13 and you can imagine the kind of decimal places we're talking.

RESET: I am really loving this idea. A bunch of code that flattens out all the inconsistencies across browsers, and gives you a true baseline 0.

I can only hope that this is the start of an ongoing respect for a central standard that will simply be adopted by the browser companies themselves!

Well, I have been around a while, and I have tested my code in many, many browsers... and there is still nothing as frustrating as taking pure inspiration and having to run it though a gammut of tests. And as always... you know the browser that you curse the most.

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