November 5, 2008

This is a great day to start this blog. Today I wept when I actually felt proud of the President of the United States... for the first time ever. I have long believed that Barack was not just the candidate for the U.S. but the candidate for this world. Unity.

As another parent said to me tonight outside soccer practice, "The whole day has just had a glow."

She was right. The sunset tonight looked like a pink aurora around satin pillow-clouds. And people were uplifted by the newspapers. You could see it all around.

I realized that today some kid who thought the system was built to crush him, finally had proof that he could be anything. I saw role models of power and beauty and sincerity. And we all see it.

I feel connected to it. I am high on the energy of it.

We can be sure that there are a few random number generators around the world that were a whole lot "less random" last night about midnight.

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